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Woody Woodpecker Walt Lantz Park Exclusive Head Mug


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About 4 1/2" tall. Never used. One small fleck on beak and couple of tiny pinpoints but basically as manufactured and hand painted.

Not only was this mug distributed only at the Universal Studios Park but they were all pulled shortly after production due to the hand painting potentially coming off the mugs, which it doesn't unless you dishwash it of course. Always hand wash vintage stuff anyway!

Because of the low production, limited venue and "recall" this mug is extremely hard to come by. Additionally this character sold in significantly lower numbers than even the other harder to find mugs from this set.

We gathered this information years ago when we came across the mugs during our visit to the Universal Studios and our follow-up discussions with their corporate offices regarding the purchase of large numbers of these great mugs for our then mostly catalog sales. We were too late!