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Wilkins Cast Iron Floor Train Locomotive Engine Coal Car and U.S. Mail with Baggage Car


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June 19, 1888 patent (application?) date marked on Locomotive engine, manufacture of these started in 1895 and ended in 1896 (making them yet again rare with 1 year of production). Set of 2 cars and the Caboose/Engine/Locomotive. Coal Car and Red "Baggage", "Express", "U.S. Mail" car. See pictures for close details but this is a really nice set with little paint lose given it's age and intended use. The Mail car is particularly rare but these sets in general do not come up often and then usually at the likes of Sotheby's auction house. These are very much true museum pieces and have been featured in many. A once in a lifetime opportunity for you to own this beautiful set for yourself.

The Locomotive is 13 1/2" long and 4 1/2" high at the back roof and has moving wheels with piston rods. There appears to be a break in the top Bell? holder (see picture).

The Coal Tender car is nicely detailed and is 8 1/2" long and 3 1/2" tall.

The Mail car appears to be attached with some sort of insert in either hole at the front and back but there is no such piece included.

We're sorry but there will be no returns with this item so please see the numerous detailed pictures prior to making your decision and/or ask questions if we haven't addressed them sufficiently.