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The Cisco Kid 16 MM original Theater Film in Canister


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We do not have the equipment to run these films but they were bought (many, many years ago!) from a collector and the films appear to be in great condition. We have, however, pulled the first few feet and viewed it with a magnifying glass to note any initial splices or missing introductory sections from the film. This, along with the picture, is about all we are able to tell you but feel free to ask any viable questions that we may have overlooked.

Now you can own a true Western AND Pop Culture classic starring Duncan Renaldo as The Cisco Kid and Leo Carillo as the classic Pancho.

We rolled out a little more of this one since it appears to start (after the countdown which is cut but begins with number 4) since it begins with Pancho and Cisco riding from the hills. A few yards later, however, the title card does appear and reads simply "The Cisco Kid". Wow!! The exterior appearance of the film is fantastic. The reel has a date of October 15, 1950 and is further marked "Vit-a-Lize" with "Gage" coming downward and sharing the "a" in the first word.

The can has an old title card noting the title of the film, star and further notes stating it is in Black and White with sound and the film is good (we assume this is the quality of the film and not the movie per. se.). Canister shows normal wear and light surface rust.

Not sure of the run time but the film is approximately 3" wide. Film portion we viewed ran smoothly off the reel.