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Gene Autry "Sioux City Sue" Black and White Movie Stills 18 different available.

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Product Description

8 X 10 glossy B&W stills from the movie. Price is each. All photos have a light line of browning on the edges and couple spots of nicks on edge but are otherwise VG unless noted otherwise. Most have been previously posted and have a spot on all four corners from tape/glue that has torn some of the backing paper.
1. Gene shaking hands with dressy lady with lots of onlookers.
2. Photo of comic relief character (Sterling Holloway?) obviously singing badly to accompanying piano.
3. Gene in barn with after birthing a colt
. 4. Gene standing victorious with clenched fists over the unconscious body of an evil doer.
5. Gene with Champion singing with a guitar player on a fence.
6. Gene in great outfit in the center of the street in discussion with other supporting cast. Left corner torn, about 3/4" piece missing
7. Two comic relief characters having a scuffle.
8. Gene in meeting in office
9. Gene with love interest as one of comic character walks out.
10. Gene and gang singing around the campfire, with a full size standing Bass no less!
11. Gene in slick white outfit being seated in a movie theater.
12. Gene and buddy seating on hay looking on.
13. same as #12 .
14. Gene singing at piano to love interest.
15. Gene and love interest looking doubtingly at man in suit.
16. Genes 3 piece band playing in parlor.
17. Big dinner table scene with Gene at head.
18. Gene in recording studio.
19. Gene blocking, badly, the arm of a man wielding a chair over his head to hit Gene.

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