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Original Bob Kline Wood Copenetro Coin Trick with Kline Routines Booklet


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Mid 1970's original Wood set with large and shot glass. Each of 4 coins are made to disappear only to appear one by one with a brilliant sound inside a shot glass sealed inside a larger glass!

Mechanisms are super tight and work great. Simple reset stick not included but two coins works well or craft stick or tongue depressor if you want to set prior to coins. Both glasses are original. Shot glass has large chip but replacements easily available (I'm told Walmart actually has a good replacement or most Vintage shots at Thrift stores. FYI, large glass replacements are available online and many other styles work as well.) and works as is in terms of the trick itself. Wood on unit is in great shape, clear finish shows some crazing. Rack is great and has original felt bottom.

Rare Kline Booklet from 1975 and self published includes Routines and tips along with photographs and illustrations.

Sorry, English Pennies not included. Half Dollars were original intent.