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Morris & Stanley Rosenfeld America's Cup 13 Orig. Photographs+


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This is a unique and valuable package that includes 13 photographs and 24 negatives*.

The negatives and prints were given to the Industrial Designer from whose estate these are from. Both were taken by Morris and Stanley and printed by Rosenfeld's company and personally given to the designer by Rosenfeld whom he personally knew. Package includes the original studio envelope and all photographs are studio stamped.

We believe, but are unable to absolutely confirm, that Morris or Stanley (mostly likely) Rosenfeld spoke at Pratt Institute as did many other confirmed artists and designers at the time. Similar packages were in/sold from the estate along with documentation of the talks including notes, posters, photographs and invitations.

Some of the numbering on the back is similar to other confirmed presentations that were in this estate and noted on those photographs or slides which leads us to our conclusion. Also photos often include the date of the ship or the date the photograph was taken (though not printed).

The photographs include (see our photos to determine the couple of names we had difficulty discerning, photographs not in order of this list):

  • Rahgor or Rangor
  • Due???
  • Resolute
  • Columbia (2 different)
  • Enterprise
  • Reliance
  • Reliance leading Shamrock III
  • Cosette (2 different)
  • Start of 50 footers
  • Vigilant
  • Defender

Photographs are in very well kept condition and ready for framing.

*The negatives include every image and most have at least one extra quick series shot, one has 2. A couple only have the single negative. 24 total negatives. We are told, but cannot confirm, that the negatives may be created from the photographs ("copy negatives") and not vic versa. They are being included for completeness sake only and pricing notes and opening bid based solely on the photographs themselves.

Retail value conservatively of 13 Rosenfeld prints alone is $2,200 as most sell at least for $175-225 each unframed.

*Note: No rights for these images are implied, transferred or given with the sale of this package as neither we nor the estate own the rights for reproduction. We are selling these photographs along with the historical collection that includes the envelope and negatives as a collectible and as art, nothing more. By placing your bid you confirm that this information has been provided to you and you acknowledge the same.

Please note that some pictures (mostly seen on one though, others are subtle) may show a "block" at the center, this is the reflection of our hastily made photo box (we're working on it!) and you are seeing the front opening in the center and the white sides. This may appear like a shadow but it is not on the photograph itself.