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Miller Beer Bucket of Bottles Lighted and Rotating Display


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As seen on the " Magic City " Premiere episode on the Starz Network!

Fantastic lighted Rotating Miller High Life Back Bar Display with customizable lettering that was used to spell out the Bar's name. Use it to spell your family name or YOUR bar. 1960's.

18 1/2" tall with round 10" diameter base. Comes with original wall metal bracket that was mounted to a piece of wood for easier handling. One rubber end tip on rack is missing but no effect and doesn't meet with plastic anyway.

Also has original bag full of alphabet letters and 2 punctuation markers. All letters of the alphabet plus some doubles. Letters fit in locking slot so they stay put when you slide them in to be displayed at the front of the display.

The bucket lights up the ice and bottles and the whole bucket rotates. Working great.

There are some flecks of paint from someone not taking it down while painting. They are produced mostly from the flicking of the ends of the paint brush and though they are not overly distracting you can chip them away with your fingernail if you wanted and we have done so with a number of them. Seen mostly on close inspection and not so much when mounted. Bottles show a few splats of paint and small spots where label needs tacking. We have taken a number of close pictures to show you the remaining paint flecks as well as shots further away to show the effect on use.

Otherwise just dusty and in very good condition or better.

Very rare backbar display.