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Marx Toys Prototype Super Stick Shooting Gallery Plus Blueprints for Ads


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Marx Prototype Y-3522, called "Super Stick Shootin' Gallery" bought in the early 1980's though manufactured much earlier (we believe 1971). Fantastic set that is just loaded with stuff and the graphics are classic.

Set was to have one air rifle but we are throwing in a second identical rifle to keep the pieces together

Rifles are just a little over 2 feet long and have great hot Red and Gold coloring. Rifles shoot air after cocking the handle at the bottom. Both working great. No darts were produced with this prototype and we suspect they would have used existing Marx items from other toys.

You also get a ton of targets and the larger of the targets are three sided triangular ones with fantastic original graphics. These three sided targets are 2 feet long and 10" high (each panel). comes with White triangular end pieces which are marked with the prototype number.

You also get two 8" diameter two sided round bulls eye targets done in in various colors. These were to be the "toss up" targets as noted on the blueprint sheets.

Two other targets were with t he set but marked with different prototype numbers, Y3684 and they both have an "Erie Model" Marx sticker on the back. One is dated December 6, 1971. One is a 6 3/4" square shiny Blue target and the other is a similar Yellow target but this one has an animated Bumble Bee on a spring at the top. Despite the numbering we believe these were destined to be part of this unproduced set.

It just keeps getting better...This set comes with the original prototype box as well with graphics on it showing the game in action and it's name.

Last but not least (maybe best!) are the pair of 2 foot long x 18" high blueprint style sheets depicting the uses for the set. These were likely used for television/print ad campaigns.

The set is made by various methods most of which involved initial paper layouts with some covered in glossy covering. There will be spots of slight raised paper/film an minor discoloring here and there but all the pieces are generally in at least very good condition and most are better. The guns are in excellent+ to near mint condition and the blueprints/ads are in better than very good condition and folded as produced in the set.