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Lionel 1950s Five Car Freight set Locomotive 1471ws +


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Basically this appears to be an over full Lionel's 1471WS Five-Car Freight set from around 1950 but read the full description and check the pictures out to keep us honest! We have just lightly dusted these pieces so we don't offend any recommended cleaning procedures so unless noted, the cars show some storage dust and dirt and may have scattered small scratches or marks though we will call out anything significant. They WILL need cleaning.

Track is going to show the normal age surface corrosion but can be cleaned with a little light steel wool, we will call out any pieces that have real and/or deep rust.

  • 2035 Steam Locomotive. Piece of very back overhang is broken. We're not sure how these couple but back connection has a simple opening. We believe the small connector piece is the loose piece pictured but we are unsure how it attaches to the locomotive.
  • 6466W Coal Whistler Tender
  • 6454 Boxcar with Pennsylvania Railroad markings
  • 3469 Automatic dumping Ore Car with receiving Bin
  • 6465 Sunoco Double Dome Tank Car
  • 3461 Automatic Lumber Car-surface rust on bed but not effecting integrity at all.
  • 6357 Illuminated (untested) Caboose
  • 14 x Curved Track pieces
  • 13 x Straight Track pieces-3 have slightly more surface corrosion and small areas of rust on them but they, too, should clean with some detailed steel wool cleaning. We just call these out since they don't have the same appearance as the other 10 generally do.
  • Transformer-this is as-is and we of course have not tested things. Some parts of wire outer casing is stiff and or breaking in places. Super dirty too!, we aint cleaning it!!
  • Railroad Crossing sign with electrical hook-up-Super cool!
  • Loose wheels with unknown function.

None of the trains or accessories have been tested or, in the case of buildings, put together so please refer to our pictures and descriptions. Pieces are being sold as pictured.