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Large Tyco Trains Car Building & Accessory Lot with Boxes


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Large lot with many unused/boxed items.

  • Operating Crane Car with Boom Tender no. 932-Sealed in original box.
  • Prestomatic Station-Untested but appears unused. There is a moving mechanism below that probably had a figure attached on the top, though we are not certain, that is missing. One small accessory on top missing based on small glue spot. Interior has light mechanism.
  • Railpower 1100 (not a Tyco item, MRC) Powerpack with automatic Pulse injection for precise speed control-unused in original box with instructions.
  • Set of small constructions vehicles
  • Trackside Maintenance Accessories Kit no. 7775-in original box with instructions
  • Signal Man with Lighted Shack track kit no. 928-in original box, appears unused with signs still in plastic holder. Untested but never used.
  • Freight Unloading Box Car Prestomatic set no. 930-appears unused in original box and includes the Burlington Box car. Unloads crates by Prestomatic remote control.
  • 24 trackside Signs & Poles set no. 904-sealed in original box.
  • Water Tower Kit no. 7738-appears unused with parts on pegs but missing 1/2 the rounded portion so incomplete with instructions.
  • Crane/Boom-Loose. Nice condition but threads need to be straightened.
  • Union Pacific open Maintenance Car with back of UP Truck cargo-Loose. Excellent condition
  • Western Maryland flat Car-Loose. Excellent condition.
  • Texaco Tanker Car-Loose. Some of the metal railing is broken and one side appears to have reacted with the metal and shows marks on the "X" and "A". Otherwise good condition.
  • Various loose as-is cars and accessories-Includes, among other things, loose Pennsylvania box car with broken hooks and Swift meats Refrigerator car with one broken hook. See pictures for other items included.

As always, we have tried to fairly estimate the weight with packaging but we will adjust (either way) if there is a significant difference. Significant overage will be refunded. Conversely, significant underage will be noted in a follow-up E-mail and payment will be required for the remaining ACTUAL shipping charges prior to shipping. We will eat any small amount though and we are usually fairly accurate.

None of the trains or accessories have been tested or, in the case of buildings, put together so please refer to our pictures and descriptions. Pieces are being sold as pictured.