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Ken L Ration Dog Show Set Trophy Ribbon T-shirt and Button


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Ultra rare. Even finding most of these pieces individually (with exception of the pinback) is extremely difficult and all are rare.

Original owner and includes the 1st place trophy (very, very, very rarely seen), 1st place ribbon (rarely seen), participation t-shirt (never seen) and large pinback button. Won by the owner in the very early 1960's.

By far the rarest Ken L Ration item(s) we have ever sold.

Trophy is a marbled look plastic with slide in metal award plate and made by Dodge Inc. The winged angel is metal. It is 9 1/2" tall.

The t-shirt is well worn and shows a number of small holes, dirt and stains but the over integrity of the cloth is fine.

The ribbon has a couple of folds and wear to some of the applied Gold decorations.

The button is in nice condition with much less then normal small storage marks.