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Japan Hobby of Model Railroading Vintage Magazines 1950-1952 (8) TMS


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These are Japanese market only magazines put out by the there well known TMS (Tetsudo Moekei Shumi) Company. These are loaded with illustrations, pictures and more.

These are truly scarce and show up in the States almost never so don't miss your opportunity.

With this lot you get 8 very early editions: numbers 18, 35, 38, 40, 48, 49, 50 and 52. Even in Japan these are likely highly sought after.

These all have been read but are in remarkable shape given their age, use and early delicate paper. You will find some tears, creasing, marks, occasional small piece of tape, spotting and maybe a few pen marks (we saw one name written on a page so worth mentioning but most do not have this) and the like. See pictures for a decent idea of their overall condition. We have little doubt the buyer will be satisfied as these books are all very readable and solid.

Of specific significance:
Issue 18 has a full taped spine and tape on the right side of the cover.
Issue 38 has a full taped spine.
Issue 49 has a full taped spine.

These are chock full and 18 and 35 still have their original pull out blueprint with scaling (it appears these may have been discontinued after this point in the collection?). There are also numerous highly detailed drawings with measurements and they look like technical diagrams.

One of these diagrams comes with what appears to be a brochure from the illustrated train so we're throwing that in.

If you're a model railroad enthusiast then don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, we have little doubt you will never come across these early books again.