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Jackie Robinson 1952 Hand Written Letter and 1 of Kind Autographed Photograph


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Fantastic set, 2 Autographs to 1 Fan along with hand written official Dodgers envelope. Additionally the photo features the famed Ebbets Field.

Both pieces are from original owner who, as a young girl, loved the game and was particularly impressed with Jackie Robinson and loved the Dodgers.

As she notes today in a note we requested she write in her own words to summarize and add a personal touch:

I am the Dorothy to whom the 1952 letter from Jackie Robinson was addressed.

As a young girl I loved baseball, specifically the Brooklyn Dodgers, and in particular Jackie Robinson.

It was exciting to know that if Robinson got on first basehe was certain to steal second and frequently to keep on going, sliding into third.
I knew every Dodger by name and to this day can still recite the original lineup.

After attending a game at Ebbets Field, I waited outside the players' exit for Robinson, I chased him down the street and took his photo.

After having the photo developed, I returned for another game bringing the photo with me.

Once again I waited outside the players' exit until Robinson appeared and he signed the photo for me.

I wrote to Robinson to thank him for taking so much time to please a fan.

His letter was in response to mine.

A side note: On both of those occasions, I skipped school to attend the games with a classmate and neither my parents nor the nuns at school were very pleased with me. Hours of detention was a small price to pay.

Dorothy C. of 214th Street in Queens.

The photograph is dedicated and signed in blue ink: "To Dorothy with best wishes, Jackie Robinson" In the photograph we believe that Jackie is with his Mother, Mallie, who holds his arm. Ebbets Field stadium can be seen in the background.

The letter is hand written to Dorothy, versus some of the lesser typed letters found, by Robinson on his letter head and signed and mentions how Robinson hopes more players can get such letters from fans and that it is an encouraging sign. The watermark on the paper is "Strathmore Bond / rag content USA".

The letter is in the Brooklyn Dodgers envelope with postmark for May 23, 1952 and addressed by Robinson. Both pieces are in very nice condition as is the photo which only shows a slight bend at one corner. See large pictures for details.

This is a rare pairing with two autographs and continuity of theme with the single fan. We think you will be hard pressed to find such a unique set that stands well above most offered for sale today.
Particularly the fact that the letter is not type written and that the set includes not one but two autographs along with the letterhead and Dodgers envelope.

We have covered the last name and address of the owner to protect that information from all but the buyer. These white boxes ARE NOT on the envelope itself.

We have also placed a light "Funk & Junk" watermark on the photo to prevent reproduction and maintain its one of a kind status. There is also a watermark on the text of the letter. Both watermarks are placed such as to not prevent a proper evaluation by potential buyers as to the condition of either item.

Photos with white and near white items are difficult but we have attempted to portray them as best we can with the limitations of digital photographs and 14.7 megapixel cameras. Our relatively low level scanner (printer) did not do a good job with these items and the photographs were found to be the best representations.

The letter was held with two light magnets at the top and a pair at the bottom as the creases are very fresh and little opened so the letter does not just lay flat. The overall color is fairly uniform though some shadowing may appear and mostly on the right side as you look at it.

The envelope is lightly age toned overall with scattered spots. On our monitors (a factor to viewing these/any images) the envelope appears slightly darker then in person.

The letter is mostly white with scattered spots.

We are certain the buyer will be extremely happy with the set condition and the crispness of the folded letter and integrity of the envelope. The photos are very large format (about 11"-12" squared before cropping to remove excess) and we are happy to forward the originals to you if you let us know.

Don't miss this opportunity to purchase this rare set that has not seen the light of day for well over 50 years and has been handled only by the original owner and a single person at our business.

This is very likely the most personally prepared and personal set your likely to find still in existence from Jackie Robinson today.
We encourage comparative (same item make up) research of outside site and live sale results for hand written letters and envelopes and/or one of a kind photographs.
There are no lots/sales that combine the two that we are aware of which we believe adds a premium.