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Huge Atlas Ho Train Track Building & Accessory Lot


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Tons of track, some in original boxes along with Buildings, tons of wire and other pieces and even some landscaping stones, dirt, grass, etc. (these are not Atlas).

These are most of the details but please see the pictures for everything included. Not that many items have multiple pieces (noted by the "x" sign for the multiple number) so item count is low in the list and you really get many more pieces than noted:

  1. 3 Boxes no. 47 12 piece small Track Sections Assortment-complete with various small pieces of track. Both boxes are slightly different in terms of pieces included. Solid boxes. One appears older than the others but same stock number.
  2. One section 18" Radius Terminal Track #45-sealed.
  3. One piece "WYE HO Turnout" #120-sealed
  4. 4 piece 18" Curved Track (not Atlas, Like-Like Trains no. 08601)-sealed.
  5. 2 "X" shaped 45 degree tracks-sealed though backing card is cut away.
  6. 90 degree Crossing track #41-sealed.
  7. 18 x 18" Radius track pieces-some connectors still attached.
  8. 7 x 1/2 18" Radius track pieces-some connectors still attached. These are half as "long" as the full size 18" radius pieces.
  9. 10 x 6" straight Track sections-some connectors still attached.
  10. 20 x 8" straight Track sections-some connectors still attached.
  11. 3 x Rerailers-some connectors still attached.
  12. Plate Girder Bridge-one small side piece crack but will still function fine and not obvious.
  13. 45 degree crossing track-loose.
  14. 18" radius terminal-loose
  15. 9" straight terminal-loose
  16. 2 x #6 Right Custom line tracks-loose. Has diverting ends to switch trains to another track.
  17. 2 x Left Snap Switches with attached Switch machines-loose. One Switch machine card back with instructions also included.
  18. 2 x Right Snap Switches with attached Switch machines-loose.
  19. 7 x stop blocks for end of track-loose. Don't know the train term for these but they appear to have the ability to be lit and sit at the end of the track.
  20. Right Remote Switch Machine #53-sealed on card.
  21. 2 x Connector-sealed on cards with decal sheet.
  22. 10 x Switch Controller boxes #56-some of these are connected together and have original wires. Also includes to package cards with instructions.
  23. Switch Machine with Switch Controllers with original large instruction sheet-loose.
  24. Controller and Selector boxes-loose with package card with instructions.
  25. Earlier Controller and Selector boxes with large instructions-loose.
  26. 4 piece 3" Bridge Piers #81-unused in box.
  27. "Warren" Truss Bridge #83-unused in box with instructions.
  28. Shell Gas Station in box-Partially completed with most of decals still included which have great brands including Shell, Ford, Bosch, VW (Volkswagen) and more. Letter at top complete though one of the small letters is detached (but there) and a couple of bends. No instructions to verify but looks very complete to us. See picture.
  29. Split Level House kit #738-149-Doesn't appear to have been touched though we haven't put it together obviously. See picture. Includes original instructions in great box.
  30. 5 Loose buildings, some with decals, in various states-Includes Hillside Lumber & Millwork Company with sign that needs to be reguled as does roof, Rockville Building Supply Company (model 750)-no roof with one door that needs to be attached. Comes with unused decal sheet, Trackside Shanty (model 702) solid building with man and side bin and partial decals, Signal Tower (model 704) best one with most/all decal sheet and barrel, Passenger Station (model 706) with most/all decal sheet, building in nice shape.
  31. Two piece stone look Mountain Tunnel Openings-May not be Atlas, hand done and marked "2011" on the bottom post. Some type of Resin material and hand done. Scattered small marks but overall very good condition and small touch ups would make them near perfect.
  32. Huge bag of wires, etc..
  33. Box each of Life Like brand Grass and Earth-Bags were open but most of the contents (particularly the Earth) appear to still be there and tied closed. Original cool vintage boxes.
  34. Bog of Fall color "trees"-These are fragile and we cannot guarantee how they will arrive (consider them a bonus!)
  35. Box Life Like brand Red Scenic Stone
  36. Box Life Like brand Black Scenic Stone
  37. Box Life Like brand Gravel
  38. Various small pieces of track and bottles of various screws, posts and other parts. Shown in shoe box.

As always, we have tried to fairly estimate the weight with packaging but we will adjust (either way) if there is a significant difference. Significant overage will be refunded. Conversely, significant underage will be noted in a follow-up E-mail and payment will be required for the remaining ACTUAL shipping charges prior to shipping. We will eat any small amount though and we are usually fairly accurate.

None of the trains or accessories have been tested or, in the case of buildings, put together so please refer to our pictures and descriptions. Pieces are being sold as pictured.