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Harman Kardon Unproduced 730F Prototype Model Blueprint +


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This is direct from the estate of the Industrial Designer for Harman Kardon and he was responsible for some of the most iconic HK units produced.

This package revolves around an unproduced 730F prototype dual powered amplified receiver. This design differed from others in this number line both in terms of the front panel as well as the wood side pieces. Included are the original blueprint design specifications in the original 330F & 730F design specification blueprint in original Shin-Shirasuna Electric Corp. folder.
At a later point Shin-Shirasuna apparently bought much of Harman Kardon's audio division in 1979 and had already been providing the design work for the company.

The prototype base is made up mostly of hard cardboard with applied wood and metal knobs and buttons. It needs to have the top wood backed panel reglued and one side has torn a bit of the cardboard but does still have one of it's nails and could be reglued.

There are also multiple tuning plates that show a development transition towards the final design.

Along with this you will get a large portion of the Designer's work bench from harman Kardon. The bulk of this is a large assortment of knobs, push buttons and lights of all sorts. These were used not only for prototyping but also for the actual designs of pieces manufactured by HK.

First a word about the mock up prototype model. This is a fairly fragile item, made from cardboard and paper with heavy knobs. A number of the knobs have already come loose from the deteriorated glue though they could be reglued easily. We will of course make every attempt to pack this very very carefully but the buyer acknowledges that the prototype models may arrive in lesser condition then what is shown. Again, we will pack this piece with supports and significant soft packing materials.

Some of the knobs have some glue and paper remnants from prototyping but most do not. See pictures for an example of the buttons and some of the different back connectors. Easily over 150 pieces and probably closer to 200 though we have not directly counted each item and just made rough visual counts.

Small boxes shown may not necessarily be shipped with the items and are mostly organizational.