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Harman Kardon 1975 Dealer Collection


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This is a nice collection of publicity material for the then new Harman Kardon products coming out in 1975.

The first item is a hand completed brochure with insert. The folder portion features a hand placed photograph of the Rabco ST-7 turntable. These were are individually hand placed for mailing to the dealers. It includes a two sided sheet detailing the new offerings in 1975.

There is also an internal publicity photo of the Rabco ST-7.

Next there is a two page dealer notification for new products with different details then the previously mentioned folder. It begins focus on the Citation 16 and the 430 receivers and also mentions the upcoming A 401 amplifier. Included also is the 430 twin powered receiver brochure and an internal publicity photo for the A 401.

Finally there is a release announcement for the Citation 16 and 430 receivers. It is two pages.