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Handicrafts of Italy Design & Art Reference book


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Our library is simply too big for its own good and has actually become less useful due to the sheer volume of guides, auction catalogs and reference material it contains. So, you benefit! We are letting go of our holdings of very hard to find vintage reference material and price guides. These often times have served as invaluable reference materials for us in years past and the information contained within is often found no where else.

Not dated but appears to be late 1940's or early 1950's. Covers all of the offerings from Italy with loads of photographs. Produced by Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E.) and "..is intended to give an overall picture of products made in Italy today by masters who are the legitimate heirs of craftsmen like Benvenuto Cellini, Mastro Giorgio, Antonio Pollaiolo, and many other famous artisans."

Full overviews of Ceramic, Woven fabrics and Carpets, Glassware (Murano including figures), Lace and Embroidery, Woodwork, Metalwork, Straw and Rafia-work - Wickerware, Jewelry, Marble and Alabaster, Leather Work, Mosaics, Toys, Dolls and Paper Mache and Musical Instruments. Printed in Milan, Italy.

Cover is torn in many spots including spin and is detached from book though book is still tightly bound.