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Halliburton 30 Cigar Aircraft Aluminum Travel Humidor


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Halliburton still makes very high end cases for different purposes but their Cigar line was discontinued. Holds 30 cigars in 3 10 Cigar trays. Lockable with 3 digit combination lock and clasps with internal industrial grade hinges.

Lid has fitted area that holds the Digital Hygrometer and Humidification system. The case edge has a Neoprene Gasket that provides the seal you need for a high end Humidor and of course this would work in your house as well as it would traveling. You can literally drop these cases from 6 feet or more and nothing will be damaged. Their current notebook computer cases say that even those can be dropped from a full 5 feet without effect! Additionally, and if memory serves, the case can withstand something like 400 tons of pressure.

Has two standard loops for many different types of straps if you want and of course it has a carrying handle.

Case shows travel wear outside though some of the marks will clean off. These can be successfully painted too we understand if you want a different color.

Your unlikely to find any of these cases available regardless of the size and this large one almost never surfaces. You will find an advertisement here or there but they are always out dated and out of stock and there just to get you to look at the other humidors since the Halliburton's are so sought after.