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Gulliver's Travels set of 4 vintage Character Glasses


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Set of 4 scarce to rare 4 3/4" tall character glasses, all in NM+ condition. Each glass features a character along with a poem about them on the other side. Characters are: Prince David, Princess Glory, Gulliver and Twinkletoes.
Prince David has decorations in Red. Pictures full body Prince with name next to him running vertically (as with all others). Poem on other side: "Prince David wooed his princess, He loves her so sincerely, Their romance is beyond compare, for GLORY loves him dearly."
Princess Glory has decorations in Green. Pictures a full body Princess . Poem on other side: "When PRINCESS GLORY'S lovely voice, Sings "FAITHFUL" or "FOREVER", You'll hear PRINCE DAVID'S heart rejoice, In harmony together".
Gulliver has decorations in Orange. Pictures a full body, seated on ground with legs stretched out and one of the locals walking on his shoulder, Gulliver. Poem on other side: "Here's Gulliver a mighty man, No dangers were too tragic, He sailed the seas without a plan, And found this isle of magic.
Twinkletoes has decorations in Red of this comical bird. Poem on other side: "Now Twinkletoes is such a goof, He lacks co-ordination, In every action there is proof, He is an odd creation.
Sorry, this beautiful set will not be broken up.