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Guiness Record Breaking Unusual Banknotes Numistic Society Set


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Bound in vinyl binder with each note on held in pocket on descriptive and decorated sheet. Certified by both the International Numismatic Society and Guiness Book of World Records and states same on certificate of authenticity. Book entitled: "Worlds Most Unusual Banknotes". When this limited series was released almost 10 years ago, the cost was around $300 for the set.

Set includes:

  1. "World's Largest Hoard"-British Army of the Rhine One Pound note
  2. "On one Side Only"-single side printed Chinese small denomination note issued in 1949 and ceased in 1950
  3. "Decimal Banknote"-Kampuchea .50 Riel, worth 1/2 Kilogram of rice
  4. "Vertical Banknote"-Sri Lanka 10 Rupee with vertical design on the back!
  5. "Least Valuable Banknote"-Indonesia 1 Sen, took over 200,000 of these to equal 1 U.S. dollar!
  6. "Overprinted Denomination"-Brazil 1 Cruzado Novo with 1000 overprint
  7. "High Denomination"-Peru 100,000 Intis
  8. "You Can Take These with You"-Hell Banknotes, used for the funeral pyyres of China. This is a 500,000 note.
  9. "Overprinted Banknote"-Mozambique 100 Escudos original issued by Portuguese bank and overprinted with "Banco De Mozambique" when they achieved independence