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Flying Things Airplanes in original Envelope Packages (See Text for Prices)


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Late 1960's early 1970's. Mint in packages.

Retail for planes, loose runs from $15-25/ea. and the wrappers alone (which are rarer than the planes) run from $25-35/ea. so these are real bargains by any measure.
12 styles:

  1. Flying Nose
  2. Flying Hot Dog
  3. Flying Eyeball
  4. The Yicch
  5. Flying Skeleton
  6. Flying Mop
  7. Monstermobile
  8. Flying Steak
  9. Schmohawk
  10. Flying Scissors
  11. Flying Hammer &: Nails
  12. Hands Brinker

You may select as many styles as you look and if you want to order more than one you can put another item in your shopping cart for the duplicates.

Very limited supplies and we have put a standard quantity in the system so if you order any that are out of stock then you will either not be charged or the missing plane charges will be refunded.

If you want more than the system allows then also contact us to see if more are available.