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Early Daniel Johnston Drawing Life Is An Illusion with Captain America


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If you looking at our listing it is likely we can add very little to your understanding and love of Daniel Johnston's music and art. In case your lacking, a simple Google search for his name will bring up not only his site but the fan site as well.

We recently found 4 original pieces that are probably early 1980's (maybe even earlier) though they are not dated (though we understand most are not). Here's what we know: Estate found in the bottom of a dresser lined with funky 1970's flower power lining paper. All were in comic book shop like bags with backing boards and had secondary old price stickers on them though we are not sure what shop they were from back then. Other items in the estate were all from the same era though mostly 1970's stuff.

Saved the best for last!

Piece details:
Though not titled per. se. it appears based on the naming of other pieces that this one might be called "Life is an Illusion" followed by words to live by: "Live it for the Fun!". Great images and coloring and featuring Captain America and the flying eye. 8 1/2" x 11", marker.

Info. about scans:
Pictures done on lower end printer/scanner but came out pretty well with only the occasional slight and subtle color variation. We took them into Photoshop but did nothing more than a single "focus" command (which is 1/3 of "sharpen"). We felt it best to keep the images at their real size in this case so no downloading or requests for larger versions are necessary.
Ask questions if something looks wrong, it's not. Colors are nice and pieces were well kept.

These early pieces are very hard to find and always carry a premium in the market. All of the early pieces were individually done, often for a particular person, so their uniqueness can't be beat.