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Dracula in box (Aurora)


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1962. Partially built up but no paint. Model built up and has some light model cement residue that can be cleaned up and is not significant as is. Dracula shown standing is not attached and has been lightly damaged at the bottom of left shoe. There is a small hole in the shoe and the plastic from the hole is on the stand. No piece missing and assembled it will be unoticeable. Tree stump has also been glued. The left arm was possibly attached at one time though it is now in its original two pieces. At this socket and on the arm pieces are where most of the model cement residue is. Most weed patches still attached to pegs. Model parts are overall good to Exc+
Box as shown with crimping at top side with some peeling tape or light cello wrap (can't tell and don't want to pull it!). Very light scratching at very top of box front and very little edge wear at center right of box top and bottom front edge. Brown bottom has all corners sealed but is pushed in slightly in the middle and some edge damage though it can be made fairly flat and fits tightly with top.. Box displays VERY well.
Instruction sheet is crisp and VG+.
It's been a long time since we've had any original Aurora monster models and their prices just keep going up. If you saw what Mint/Mint or sealed versions were going for you would be glad this baby is open!