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Pepsi Warner Bros. Large Glasses

Many people have a slight misconception on the Pepsi/Warner brothers 16 oz. glass series which actually has many variations.

In addition to all of the glasses being produced with either Black or White lettering there were also variations in the type of glass (Thick/"Brockway" glass or Thin "Federal

Additionally, many of the glasses had individual variations such as nose color on Sylvester,"Beep Beep" printed with Road Runner,  and the like.

Finally the logo placement was under the character name on a few glasses (this type is usually referred to as "logo under"s).

So when you add up all of the known individual variations and letter colorings it means that you would have to buy well over 100 glasses to have the complete "set" of these fantastic premium glasses.

The letter coloring does not effect the price but the types of glass does.  The thinner, Federal, glass is generally more valuable.  Significant glass variations (eg. "Beep" "Beep" on Road Runner) can also effect price but not as significantly as the glass type.

By the way, try filling these glasses with your favorite beverage to just below the logo then fill the rest with your favorite mixer for the perfect drink!  Don''t drink too many of these babies however!'