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Al Cohen's Disc Counts (Al's Magic Shop)


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1975. Al always produced some great tricks and this is no exception. Multiple tricks done with 12 vinyl disc topped metal circles.
1. Incredible Prediction, ala the "Million to One Prediction" card trick - 10 discs are placed on the table in a row with alternating colors. You tell the spectator that you have predicted the one the will select. When they select it is that coin that is the only one with a different color back. Your repeat the trick using 6 discs!
2. Copper & Silver Outdone - a number of tricks to do but noted one: Show a White and Blue disc and drop them into your left hand. Turn your hand over. Reaching your right fingers into your hand you remove the White disc. When you open your palms the discs have changed places!
3. The Old Three Glasses Swindle - Put three discs on the table and challenge the Spectator to do what you do in the same number of moves and ending with all discs showing the same color.
4. Another Betch Can't - Line up 5 discs on the table and do a similar moving trick to the above. Both of these are noted as great bar close-up tricks.
Others classic tricks noted that can be done with the coins.

Al notes how he put this together and each set was custom made and in a limited number so this one is really rare. Maybe used once and probably only self practice.