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New Reduced price! Seiichiro Konishi Ryoanji Rock Garden Woodblock Print Quintessential Zen Japanese Minimalism & Feng Shui View larger

Seiichiro Konishi Ryoanji Rock Garden Woodblock Print Quintessential Zen Japanese Minimalism & Feng Shui


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Born in 1919, Seiichiro created this small edition print in 1976. It is signed, dated, numbered 150/200 and probably also indicates the title and location but it is in characters which we cannot translate.

We believe based on prior information and research that this limited piece is entitled "Ryoanji Rock Garden" and this is further backed by the fact that it is indeed a depiction of this garden.

Ryooanji is a temple belonging to the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai branch of the Zen sect so when we say "Zen", we mean the real thing not just a concept! This rock garden is claimed by many to be a masterpiece of not only Zen gardens but Japanese culture itself. It is further noted as a United Nations World Heritage site!

The garden is located in Kyoto Japan and contains 15 rocks arranged on the surface of white pebbles. It is constructed so that you can only see 14 of the 15 rocks no matter what angle or position you view the garden from. It is said that only when you attain spiritual enlightenment as a result of deep Zen meditation, will the last stone become visible.

Comments abound on the aesthetic qualities of the garden and it is a prime example of classic Japanese minimalism where a few simple pieces combine to create something larger in form and meaning.

We've had this up in our offices for some time and we have to admit when things get a little hairy here we find calmness in this piece. Simple, peaceful, beauty. A great addition to any house particularly if your shooting for the perfect Feng Shui.

Period frame that was framed after the piece was brought back. It has a Baltimore framer stamp on the back paper, which is mostly torn. Visible portion of block print is about 12" x 15" and it measures 23 1/4" x 20 3/4" framed with double cut mat. Outer White mat has a few stray marks along with marks on the glass from stray dirt but piece appears unaffected and does not overly effect display at all. Of course most of this can be corrected simply by pulling out the piece and cleaning the glass inside, piece would benefit from rematting. Left side of White mat has some staining.