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1970 Groovey Communications Unit Blueprints and Materials


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This is a super unusual unit as well as an unusual package to find. This was designed for the City Investing Company in the late 1960's/early 1970's. We have dated it 1970 based on the included letter but it could just as easily be 1968/69. The package is the file copy from the original Industrial Designer and all pieces are one of a kind.

There is a Xerox copy of the photo of the unit in actual use and it and also shows a flip clock, television and some then space age equipment including a television screen telephone. There are also two large folded original blueprints, hard cardboard template for the phone panel in the unit and a number of other blueprint type pieces for other design components. Finally there is a letter from the designer related to the unit.

Certainly a unique piece for telephone and other communication collectors as well as those interested in the 1970's and Industrial Design.